You may have heard of guys generating millions of money from online business, but you never learned how. It is you high time to learn today about one program that trains you how to generate that 6 figure revenue from online business.

The 100k factory revolution is an entirely verified platform that allows its clients to learn about simple approaches to making financial gain by generating 100k per year, hence the name 100k factory revolution. It is a program started by Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton with the aim of teaching the user on the ways to generate $100, 000 in revenue per year. Many people wondered how this could happen but it worked, and it is fast, scalable and profitable!

History of the 100k factory revolution

The original version of the 100k factory revolution appeared in the year 2007, and as at the close of the financial year 2014, the web sales alone were over $300 billion dollars. It developed over the years which saw its students making 1, 2, 3 …….. 7 figure profit annually from online business. There have been two very successful versions of the system, but that is not enough, there comes a new version to be launched in February 2017. I will tell you the exact day later as we go along.

Who came up with the 100k factory revolution?

Just like you can see a problem in the society and try to solve it is how the 100k revolution began to be realized. The founders of the system are a former Fortune chief executive officer Steve Clayton together with an expert and a successful online marketer called Aidan Booth. Booth is a person who had tried to create websites that would teach and allow people to make online marketing easy, do you want to know how hardworking this person was? He has created over 1, 500 websites aimed at carrying out internet marketing business.

How the system works

Very simple, just as I had said at the beginning, I will show you the way to go, follow me to the end.

The program (when I use the term ‘program’ or ‘system’ here I mean the 100k factory revolution) is a comprehensive training that allows you to learn and build $100, 000 income by just making use of four sites. What is more interesting to learn is that the program has software which they call 100k Launchpad that can assist you in making revenue as quickly as you cannot imagine. Many people want to make money fast, and that is the reason why we see people selecting jobs based on the monthly salary. Here, the software allows you to make dollars as quickly as possible.

How the training works

The 100k factory program has a vigorous training which includes a live teaching workshop which lasts for eight weeks. There are also many recorded training videos that allow you to download and watch at your own time. All of the training teaches you on how to generate 100k annually. As I had mentioned earlier, the program utilizes four simple methods that include:

  • Practice of AdSense
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Selling your physical products
  • Sell of email leads

The main themes of the training are the ways to make you understand very fast on how to generate traffic to your site. The income is dependent on how bulk the traffic is onto your website. As soon as you complete the training, income is endless. Does it sound lucrative to earn $100, 000 annually? Yes, I had told you to follow the story to the end and learn.

So what makes this revolution that compelling?

Predictability is one feature in this new e-commerce whereby, you are in a position to test profitability as well as return on investment just before you’re fully committed to it. The business is also scalable as suggested by their slogan. You don’t have that much stress on investing anything on inventory hence avoiding various financial hurdles.

Let’s not forget the price of the 100k factory program. It is priced at $2497 which is an affordable price that comes with a money guarantee.

But, before that, what else have you not learned from these? There are more to learn but let’s wait and find out more after the February 2017 launch of the program. I had promised to tell you the exact date of the launch, right? Thanks for your patience. Want you to stay tuned on 22nd February 2017 when the founders will be launching the 100k revolution.


The 100K Factory Revolution Review is online is a program designed with many options that allow you to start off and make $100, 000 annually through online business. It was founded in the year 2007 by Steve Clayton and Aidan booth. A new version of the program is set to be launched on 22nd February 2017. The program teaches on how to make money by generating traffic to your website.