Claude Davis’ the lost ways Book Review

This is The lost ways book Review. It is a survival book by Claude Davis. It is considered as a guide to the humankind to learn how to live in the time of disasters and droughts; either natural or man- made. The author used a collection of styles inspired by ancient people to prepare the reader to deal with such catastrophes. According to Claude Davis, the American population is currently live with lots of appropriateness through the technology that made the human being too satisfied.

The book confirms that man should learn skills and techniques needed to live without the modern technology like electricity, internet gadgets, and others.

About the author:

Claude Davis is the writer of the lost ways book who is a 30 years survival expert who is concerned about the modern generation and the way they separate themselves from the old generation. This concern is presented throughout this piece of work. This survival guide offered now in the market to provide general cheap skills and techniques needed for self- sufficiency.

Important tips for the lost ways book:

Throughout the book, Claude Davis offers the different styles that Americans need to recover to facilitate people life during disasters. Some of these things are:

Food: Davis has taught people some recipes made from a natural ingredient which ready and available. These methods were used by the ancient Americans.

Traps: the lost ways book provides some ways to build different types of traps and grape a wide range of animals, to secure a constant feeding in those times of droughts or food shortage.

Housing: regarding housing Davis provides a well instructional guide on building underground houses, which are suitable enough for settling four families. This concept was used by the ancient American households.

Water: another significant concern has presented in the hidden ways book is water supply. The author has provided ideas that help the human being to collect and store water safely. Water is an essential element in human lives that can be significantly affected by wars or crisis. Therefore Davis has presented a directory on water storage without any expenses.

Compress: Davis has also presented a guide about compress that made by ancient elements that were used by the Native population.

Bullets: regarding this concern the author gave an example of how people do not finish their shots as well as what they can do in case of balls is run out of stock.


The book contains detailed information and instructions that need lots of time to read and understand; also no audio materials are coming with the book. Visit for more info –